Dollar-In Dollar-Out Policy

Lutheran Church Charities operates with a policy where 100% of the money donated to a specific need goes toward that need. The transaction costs will be paid by LCC administrative funds, not from a percentage off of the donation.
Needs Met
Special Appeal for St. Matthew Chicago Family Who Lost Everything in a Fire Print E-mail
Appeal went out last Thursday — over $11,000 given! The family is staying with Tony's parents right now. After some minor repairs, they will be moving into their new home in less than a week. THANK YOU FOR MAKING A DIFFERENCE IN THE LIVES OF THIS FAMILY and showing what the Body of Christ does!

Lutheran Church Charities staff members went to the EL Comedor Popular Soup Kitchen at St. Matthew Lutheran Church in Chicago, Illinois on Tuesday, April 22nd to present a check of your generous donations to Pastor Loza for Tony Valdivia and his family after their house burned down last week.

Tony and his family are extremely grateful for all the assistance they have been receiving. Tony told staff members:

Throughout the years I've been helping, whether it was the soup kitchen or home visitations, helping elderly people getting groceries, even preaching at church, helping people find God, get on that path to salvation and I always thought - I'm helping them and God will help me one day, and my day has come. Everyone at the church has been supportive; everyone at Lutheran Church Charities has kind of lifted me up... Knowing that I'm not alone and I'm not doing this by myself is telling me in my heart that there are people out there that care. The same way that I tried caring for them in God's eyes, in God's love, we all share that now.

Tony also expressed how they have seen God working in the midst of this tragedy. He said, "It's been very helpful because I do see now, truly, because I feel it, I see that the materialistic things are not important in life. What's important is you have your family around that loves you. The importance of life is what Jesus came here to teach us, which is caring about one another and not caring about oneself and not caring about the materialistic things we want in life and more about giving to others."

While this family is still struggling financially and emotionally, they did express great thanks for all of the support that they have already received, and they have a feeling of hope for the future: "Knowing that God did not leave me at any time from the point of the phone call until now... He is there and He is calming me down and keeping me strong. God's miracles work through people."

Click here to read the original appeal Click here to donate to the Valdivia Family Fund
Last Updated on Wednesday, 23 April 2014 15:53
Clothing Donation Made to the Baby Bank at Calvary Lutheran Church in Wood Dale Print E-mail
Debbie Potts presenting Pastor Rich Heller from Calvary Lutheran Church with a baby clothes donation LCC staff member Debbie Potts presented Pastor Rich Heller from Calvary Lutheran Church in Wood Dale, Illinois with baby clothes for their Baby Bank.

Many thanks go to the anonymous donor for this contribution.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 26 March 2014 14:03
Blankets Donated Go to a Family in Need Print E-mail
Tim Hetzner, Dianna Bonfield, and Pastor John Brazeal of Christ the King Lutheran Church with the donation of blankets for a family in need On Wednesday, March 19th, blankets which were made and donated by a family had been picked up by Pastor John Brazeal of Christ the King Lutheran Church in Chicago for a family in need.
Car Donated to Member of Christ the King Lutheran Church in Chicago Print E-mail
Nissan donated by Craig Brown and his son Nissan donated to Pastor John Brazeal and recipient member Tim from Christ the King Lutheran Church On Wednesday, March 19th, LCC President Tim Hetzner presented the car donated by Craig Brown and his son in December 2013 to Pastor John Brazeal of Christ the King Lutheran Church in Chicago and member recipient Tim.
Last Updated on Wednesday, 26 March 2014 14:04
Ongoing request of Financial Assistance Gets Response Print E-mail
Pastor Dave Bottorff Receives donation check Thanks to your generous donations, LCC staff emmber Marie Payes delivered a check for assistance to Pastor Bottorff last week. This is a response, in hopes of more to come, following an appeal for a Mother in their church, St. John Lutheran Church in Darien, IL who is currently struggling financially, living in a women's shelter while raising her 5-year-old. Click To see the Original Appeal Letter
Last Updated on Thursday, 13 March 2014 13:11
Donation Funds Delivered to Immanuel Lutheran Church Print E-mail
LCC's Marshall Frisque presented to Pastor Alan Buss On Tuesday, February 25th, LCC staff member Marshal Frisque delivered a check of your donations to Pastor Alan Buss at Immanuel Lutheran Church, Belvidere, IL. Thanks to your generous donations, a Christian single mother and son will be able to pay some living expenses and medical expenses incurred after each required major surgery.
Last Updated on Wednesday, 26 February 2014 12:41
Vehicle Donated to Teacher in Need Print E-mail
Reverend Brazeal picking up vehicle donation Pictured are Rev. John Brazeal & Jeanne picking up a vehicle for Jeanne, the organist and music instructor at Christ the King Parish and School. Jeanne is also the organist on Sundays at Good Shepherd in South Holland, Illinois. This vehicle donation will enable her to continue her ministry for the church.
Support Delivered to Salam Christian Fellowship for Various Needs Print E-mail
pastor Chehab receiving donation On Friday, February 21st, Pastor Hicham Chehab of Salam Christian Fellowship, Lombard, IL received checks of support for his citizenship, the dentures appeal, and for Salam's hospitality meals. He also received blankets from a member of Hope Lutheran Church in Countryside, Illinois.
Handmade Bag Mats Donated for Ministry Use Print E-mail
handmade mats being delivered Rev. Brazeal receives donation Mrs. Hilda Riemer of St. Luke, Itasca delivered three handmade bag mats to the LCC offices on Tuesday, February 25th 2014, which were later picked up by Rev. John Brazeal to be used in the ministry at Christ the King Lutheran Church in Chicago.
Last Updated on Wednesday, 26 February 2014 19:26
Rev. Roger Keller of Concordia Seminary, St. Louis Presents LCC Scholarships to Students Print E-mail
Seminarian fund recipients being presented Rev. Roger Keller, Vice-Chair of LCC's Board of Directors, delivered funds donated through our Seminarian Assistance Fund. Funds were distributed to Joel Eden (left), Mark Duerr (middle), and Matthew Douglas (right). Click here for more information on the Seminarian Assistance Fund
Last Updated on Wednesday, 26 February 2014 19:26
7th and 8th Grade Students at Immanuel Lutheran School in Dundee, Illinois Raise Money for Tornado Recovery in Washington, Illinois Print E-mail
LCC received a note from Julia Heinz, teacher and Student Council staff member at Immanuel Lutheran School in East Dundee, Illinois:
Immanuel Lutheran School Dundee, IllinoisGreetings from Immanuel Lutheran School in East Dundee, IL! Our student council recently completed a fundraiser to support the tornado victims in Washington, Illinois. These 7th and 8th graders sold hot cocoa during lunch periods to the entire student body and collected $81 to donate.

We had them pose for a photo with a really large check they created for you!

We are so proud of their efforts in both raising the money and setting an example for the younger students. And we are so thankful for the work that you do and are glad to join with you in this. We hope to continue partnering with you in serving.

May God continue to bless your efforts as you care for His people :)!

on behalf of Immanuel's Student Council,
Julia Heinz

Last Updated on Thursday, 13 February 2014 09:21
LCC Receives a Donation of Hats, Mittens, and Blankets for Use in Disaster Relief Efforts in Washington, Illinois Print E-mail
Donation from Rachel Dadian Thank you to Rachel Dadian and a group of music therapy majors who are a part of the Music Therapy Student Association at Eastern Michigan University for their generous donation of fleece blankets they made for use in Washington, Illinois. Rachel also donated children's mittens. Thank you for making a difference in Washington! Click here to donate to LCC Disaster Response
Last Updated on Wednesday, 12 February 2014 10:17
Christmas Trees and Decorations Donated to Families in Need Print E-mail
Christmas trees and decorations donated to Salam Christian Fellowship in Chicago to go out to families in need On Friday, December 20th, Pastor Hicham Chehab received a donation of two Christmas trees and decorations for members of his congregation. The trees and decorations were donated by LCC staff member Dianna Bonfield.
Support Delivered to Salam Christian Fellowship to Purchase More Bilingual Bibles Print E-mail
Check delivered to Salam Christian Fellowship for Bilingual Bibles On Friday, December 20th, Pastor Hicham Chehab of Salam Christian Fellowship, an LCMS church serving in Chicago, received a check of support to purchase more translated Bibles for the community of Islamic converts that he serves.
Couple Donates Their Car to Help Someone in Need this CHRISTmas Season Print E-mail
Dave and Shar Farran Donate Car through Lutheran Church Charities On Christmas Eve, Dave and Shar Farran from St. John Lutheran Church in Burlington, Illinois, home of K-9 Comfort Dog Adeena, donated their car through Lutheran Church Charities. This vehicle will help someone in need during this CHRISTmas season.
UPDATE 1-06-14: Lutheran Church of Haiti President, Pastor Marky Kessa, Seeks Support for Proper Burial of a Loved One Print E-mail
LCC received the following message from Pastor Marky Kessa, President of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Haiti:
Thank you for your support regarding the movement of Rodolph's body from Cuba to come to Haiti, we took it to Central Plateau to have the funerals last Saturday, I took the voice of everyone to say thank you to everyone for your financial support and your prayers.

May God continue to bless you and your ministry at LCC. I wish Merry Christmas and Happy New year 2014 to you and your team.

Yours in Christ

Roldolph lived with Pastor Marky and his family. Roldolph was diagnosed with Leukemia at the age of 17 and traveled to Cuba for treatment. He passed away there and his family needed financial support to have his body returned to Haiti for a proper burial. Thank you to all who helped and supported this appeal. Click here to read about the continued need for support.

Click here to donate to the Kessa Family Rodolph Funeral Fund
Last Updated on Monday, 06 January 2014 09:51
LCC Receives Generous Donation from Largest Christmas Retail Store in the Country Print E-mail
Bronners Christmas Wonderland

LCC would like to thank Bronner's Christmas Wonderland in Frankenmuth, Michigan for a generous donation to Lutheran Church Charities.

Bronner's is a retail store in Frankenmuth, Michigan that is the "World's Largest Christmas Store". Learn more about them at

Click here to donate to Lutheran Church Charities general fund
Last Updated on Monday, 06 January 2014 12:41
NIU Campus Ministry Holds Pancake Fundraiser for Washington, Illinois Residents Print E-mail
NIU Campus Ministry Pancake Fundraiser 2013 On Saturday, December 7, 2013, 20 people volunteered and served 85 others pancakes for a cause. Immanuel Lutheran Church, DeKalb Illinois' Campus Ministry from Northern Illinois University, partnered with St. John Lutheran Church, Sycamore, Illinois to raise funds for the victims of the tornado that hit Washington, Illinois in November. Together they raised just under $1,000. Thank you Gretchen Ahrens and everyone one else who participated in this fundraiser. Together we can make a difference.
Need Met! Sunday School Video Tapes Donated to Church in Need Print E-mail
Sunday School Video Tapes Pastor Kalonji LCC received a thank you note from Pastor Kalonji of Reformation Lutheran Church in New Bern, North Carolina. They worked through LCC to connect with Bethel Lutheran Church in Westmont, Illinois and received Sunday School video tapes:
These tapes will be a great blessing to our Sunday School. Thanks to all at LCC for your services to our congregations.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Pastor Kalonji
Trinithy Lutheran Church in Tinley Park, Illinois Sends Financial Support to a Fellow Congregation in Washington, Illinois Print E-mail
Support from Trinity Lutheran Tinley Park for Washington Illinois Members of Trinity Lutheran Church in Tinley Park, Illinois, sent in checks to help support the disaster response work in Washington, Illinois. Trinity is one of many LCMS congregations pitching in to help out our sister congregation, Our Savior Lutheran Church in Washington, Illinois in their time of recovery after the tornado destroyed nearly 1,100 homes on November 17th, 2013. LCC is very appreciative and excited to partner with all of the congregations willing to lend a helping hand in the name of Jesus Christ.

Support is still needed, both financially and with volunteers.Click here to learn more about the disaster relief efforts in Washington, Illinois and how YOU can get involved!

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