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Comfort Dogs
Lila the K-9 Comfort Dog Helps “Open” the Memory of a Patient Print E-mail
Lila, an LCC K-9 Comfort Dog at Beautiful Savior (Mequon, WI)
Highlands Health Center in East Mequon, Wisconsin has a special Memory Care unit. Last week, Lila, an LCC K-9 Comfort Dog at Beautiful Savior (Mequon, WI) and her handler, Joyce, visited with several residents there, then headed toward a back corner where a lady sat motionless in a wheelchair. A gentleman visitor was with her. “Mary”* was slumped over in her chair, eyes closed, head downturned. The gentleman said that she really was conscious, but just didn’t care to respond. He also said that dogs had always been an important part of her life, but for many months now, Mary had retreated into “another world.”

Lila rested her chin on Mary’s knee, the gentleman took Mary’s seemingly lifeless hand in his and slowly stroked Lila’s neck. Before too long, her hand started to tremble a little, and then she began to blink her eyes. When she looked down and saw Lila staring up at her, she struggled slightly to sit in a more upright position. They visited for quite some time, silently connecting.

After meeting and greeting everyone in the room, our team turned to leave, but then noticed that Mary’s visitor was wheeling her over toward Lila for “just a few more minutes.” Mary, now with her eyes wide open, had been begun softly speaking, most words we couldn’t understand except one…“dog”. Then Mary began to pet Lila on her own, all the while softly whispering. Staff members in the Memory Care unit were called over to see what was happening. To paraphrase Joyce, “was there any doubt that someone is guiding this ministry…using K-9 talents to His glory?”

*Not her real name

LCC never charges those we serve but rely on your generous donations. Help support the LCC K-9 Comfort Dog Travel Fund Donate Here

Last Updated on Tuesday, 24 February 2015 17:33
Passing of the Leash in Prescott Valley, Arizona Print E-mail
Passing of the Leash A little more than a year and a half after the death of 19 Hotshots firefighters in the Yarnell Valley near Prescott Valley, Arizona the LCC K-9 Comfort Dogs returned this time to bring one of their own, Titus Comfort Dog, to be permanently placed at Trinity Lutheran Church in Prescott Valley.

Arizona becomes the 16th state in which an LCC K-9 Comfort Dog is placed and the first "Dual Vested" congregation where 3 military veterans will be doing outreach ministry with Titus and his Kare-9 Military vest. Titus was introduced by Pastor Tim Blau at Trinity's morning services and the leash was passed by LCC K-9 members Dona & Rich Martin and Alex Brooks who welcomed Trinity's new K-9 Ministry Team members. Titus was also LCC’s first placement in Arizona.

The passing of the leash is just one part of the placement of an LCC K-9 Comfort or Kare-9 dog with a congregation. For three days after the passing of the leash, handlers and caregivers of Titus will be trained on how to work and care for Titus. Handlers will also be trained in how to use Titus to share the Mercy, Compassion, Presence and Proclamation of Christ with others.

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Last Updated on Tuesday, 24 February 2015 17:09
LCC K-9 Comfort Dogs “Speak” At Women’s Group Print E-mail
 Women’s Group What kind of impact can LCC K- 9 Comfort Dogs have with an organization designed to celebrate the advancement, education and motivation of women? LCC staff members Dona and Rich Martin shared with the Elmhurst PEO (Philanthropic Educational Organization) chapter how our LCC K-9 Comfort Dogs relieve stress and help people recover from trauma. Stories about young women who lost family members, classmates and triumphed over disaster partially with the help of LCC K-9 Comfort Dogs, make our program even more real to them.

LCC never charges those we serve but rely on your generous donations. Help support the LCC K-9 Comfort Dog Travel Fund Donate Here

Last Updated on Monday, 23 February 2015 13:55
K-9 St Paul's, Bourbonnais Chapel Visit Print E-mail
 Bourbonnais On Wednesday, Feb. 11, LCC K-9 Comfort Dog Luther and LCC Comfort Dog in Training Tabby visited St. Paul Lutheran School in Bourbonnais, IL. After presenting a short message about the LCC K-9 Comfort Dog Program during chapel, Luther and Tabby spent the morning visiting the 175 students. St Paul, Bourbonnais has been a strong supporter of the LCC Comfort Dog Program as well as being active in outreach within the Kankakee/Bourbonnais area. LCC is grateful for the opportunity to revisit the student body of St Paul and pray the church and school have a blessed year.

LCC never charges those we serve but rely on your generous donations. Help support the LCC K-9 Comfort Dog Travel Fund

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Last Updated on Monday, 23 February 2015 13:56
LCC K-9 Comfort Dogs Offer Furry Hugs In Plain City, OH Print E-mail
 Jonathan Adler Last week, 3 LCC K-9 Comfort Dogs and handlers arrived in Plain City, Ohio to bring the mercy, compassion, presence and proclamation of Jesus Christ to a school system that was rocked the previous two weeks by the loss of two students who took their own lives. Students, faculty and administrators were understandably suffering, hurting, even fearful as they are not sure if there might yet be others.

Comfort Dog Rosie, from Atonement Lutheran Church in Columbus, OH and Prince, from Holy Cross Lutheran Church in Portage, IN visited Canaan Middle School and Jonathan Alder Junior High on February 10. The next day at Adler Junior High, LCC K-9 Comfort Dog Mercy, from Louisville KY met with students, faculty and staff.

The LCC K-9 Comfort Dogs were invited to Jonathan Alder High School by school counselor Mindy Jenkins through Atonement Lutheran Church’s pastor, dog handler and LCC staff member, Phil Esala. The following Monday, LCC K-9 Comfort Dog Rosie, with Dan and Mary Ludlum returned to Canaan Middle School and Jonathan Alder High School as the two brothers of the young man who most recently took his own life returned to school after the funeral. The LCC K-9 Comfort Dogs brought peace to individuals, to classrooms and to the staff as they met to support each other.

LCC never charges those we serve but rely on your generous donations. Help support the LCC K-9 Comfort Dog Travel Fund Donate Here

Last Updated on Tuesday, 24 February 2015 13:39
Letters of Appreciation from Parkside Elementary Print E-mail
Notes and letters of appreciation from the teacher and students of the 5th grade class at Parkside Elementary School in Normal, IL after an LCC K-9 Comfort Dog visit. LCC K-9 Comfort Dogs were in Normal for the funeral of a firefighter who had died unexpectedly. One of the fallen firefighter’s sons was a member of this class. Click Here to View Thank You Letter
Last Updated on Tuesday, 17 February 2015 21:59
LCC K-9 Comfort Dog in-training Katie Joined the People of Pilgrim Lutheran Church in Wauwatosa, WI Print E-mail
Staff member the Rev. Roger Pollock along with LCC K-9 Comfort Dogs Zoey (Concordia University Wisconsin), Lila (Beautiful Savior - Mequon, WI), and LCC K-9 Comfort Dog in-training Katie joined the people of Pilgrim Lutheran Church in Wauwatosa, WI last Sunday. Rev. Pollock shared the message in worship based on the words of Jesus: "Let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven." (Matthew 5:16) After the service the congregation gathered in the fellowship hall to hear a presentation on the LCC K-9 Comfort Dogs, learn from the handlers about their experiences working with the dogs, and watch the video Wags "N" Tales. Click here to watch the Wags and Tales Video LCC never charges those we serve but rely on your generous donations. Help support the LCC K-9 Comfort Dog Travel Fund. Donate Here
Last Updated on Tuesday, 24 February 2015 08:48
Early Act Club Learns Another Way to Make a Difference in the Community Print E-mail
Lydia The kids of our local Early Act Club are sponsored by the Rotary Club, and focus on service to their local communities. Children ages 5-13 years learn by doing that they can make a big impact on their towns. Lydia’s handler, Kathryn Jones (who is a Middle School teacher herself), explained the Comfort Dog program and answered questions about how Lydia and dogs like her can bring comfort to people. They asked if they could email the North Boston Comfort Team if they learned about a situation where Lydia could help. After a great Q and A period and lots of pats and hugs, the kids continued their meeting, making goodie bags to thank the town’s DPW workers who have to deal with all the SNOW being continually dumped on New England. It was a great afternoon and one of the highlights was opening the meeting by standing with hand over the heart and reciting the pledge of allegiance. That took Lydia’s team right back to school days!

PS. they loved Lydia’s new purple PAWS snow booties

LCC never charges those we serve but rely on your generous donations. Help support the LCC K-9 Comfort Dog Travel Fund

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Last Updated on Tuesday, 17 February 2015 22:54
Pontiac Township High School Shows Appreciation for LCC K-9 Comfort Dogs Print E-mail
Pontiac Monday February 9, Jeanne Moore, one of the trainers and handlers for the LCC K-9 Comfort Dog program accepted, on behalf of the ministry, Pontiac Township High School’s Distinguished Service Award. The award was from the Pontiac Board of Education and high school administration. It was recognition from the school system for the exceptional service the LCC K-9 Comfort Dog program has provided after being invited to the high school after a student tragedy. “The counseling continues to be important, but the dogs were amazing,” high school principle Eric Bohm told the school board in a summary of events. Since inviting the dogs to the high school, Bohm reported he had successfully passed on the program’s information to other schools, which have reported positive results as well. Jeanne Moore outlined how LCC K-9 Comfort Dogs are trained and used in stressful situations then thanked the board for allowing a faith-based organization to enter the school.

Click here to read the story in the Pontiac Daily Leader

Last Updated on Sunday, 15 February 2015 16:42
LCC K-9 Team Deploys to Plain City, OH after Two Suicides Print E-mail
Plain City A high school in Plain City, OH, outside of Columbus, experienced two student suicides in the past two weeks. A high school counselor requested that LCC visit the high school with our K-9 Comfort Dogs. Working with Atonement Lutheran Church in Columbus and Pastor Phil Esala, a team from Holy Cross Lutheran (Portage, IN) and Atonement met at the high school and shared the Mercy, Compassion, Presence and Proclamation of Jesus Christ with them.
Last Updated on Tuesday, 10 February 2015 16:07
Concordia University of Chicago Students Get a K-9 Visit Print E-mail
Concordia University Chicago visit Annually CUC holds a Mission Fair, as in the past, this year LCC K-9 Comfort Dogs were invited to attend to show students how dogs can actually be part of a congregation’s ministry of comfort, mercy and outreach. The team of nine dogs and handlers led by Lynn Buhrke and Joel Moritz (a former staff member at CUC) met with scores of students who took advantage of the soothing effects of Comfort Dogs in a stress-filled environment.
Last Updated on Wednesday, 11 February 2015 07:47
Visit to Alden Estates Northmoor, Chicago Print E-mail
Adlen Estates On Thursday, February 5th, LCC K-9 Comfort Dogs in-training and some of the Kare-9 Military Ministry dogs went to Alden Estates of Northmoor in Chicago to visit the residents. The handlers led them in songs and passed out some cards of encouragement. The residents always enjoy the visits by the dogs and Thursday was no different. We also found out a couple of residents were Army veterans and they were happy for the Kare-9 Ministry and all the things LCC does.
Last Updated on Tuesday, 10 February 2015 12:13
Mission Fair, Trinity Roselle Print E-mail
Trinity Roselle Mission On Sunday, February 8, LCC Staff members Marie Payes, Dianna Bonfield and Vida Johnston attended the annual Mission Fair at Trinity, Roselle. Zippy Comfort Dog from Trinity joined them at the LCC display.
Last Updated on Tuesday, 10 February 2015 12:13
LCC K-9 Comfort Dog Noah Visits St. Louis City Hall Print E-mail
Noah Aldermen On Friday, February 6th, Noah Comfort Dog from Timothy Lutheran Church in St. Louis traveled to the City Hall in St. Louis. He was accompanied by his handler, Rev. Glenn Nielsen, and Pastor Bill Wilson of Timothy Lutheran. Noah passed through security with no problem; in fact, the guards were waiting to see him. Next they headed up a set of marble stairs to meet some of the Aldermen and Alderwomen for St. Louis. But first, Noah was given the grand tour of the offices, where he met various workers and officials of the city of St. Louis. He was a big hit, and almost everyone stopped to meet him and receive his business card. Finally, they entered the Board Room, and Noah was ushered to his place up front with the President of the Board - Lewis Reed. It took a while to get there because so many wanted to greet him. His handler then spoke for a few minutes about the LCC K-9 Comfort Dog program to the Board of Aldermen, followed by a prayer to open their meeting. Tensions are still high in St. Louis after what happened last year in Ferguson, MO, an inner suburb of St. Louis, and two people mentioned how it was good to have their blood pressures reduced for a few minutes that day!

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Last Updated on Tuesday, 10 February 2015 12:13
Alzheimer’s Association of Greater Chicago Print E-mail
Alzheimers Association The staff at the Alzheimer’s Association of Greater Chicago suffered the sudden loss of a fellow co-worker. On Thursday, February 5th, LCC K-9 Comfort Dogs Ruthie (Dona Martin LCC) Hannah (Barb Granado LCC) and Samuel (Pastor Mark and Donna Hein, St Paul Lockport) visited with the staff for several hours bringing some smiles and comfort to the staff.
Last Updated on Tuesday, 10 February 2015 12:13
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Partners in Comfort

The Comfort Dog Ministry is made possible through the generous support of the following:

Veterinary Services provided by:

Dr. Michelle T. Cahill, DVM of Academy Animal Hospital, Joplin, MO

Drs. Glen Redeker and Erin Redeker-Goelitz of Spring Hill Veterinary Clinic, Carpentersville, Illinois

Lake Station Pet Clinic, Portage, Indiana

Dr Jacqueline Vernot of Veterinary Vision, Glendale Heights, Illinois

Dr. Paul A. Navin, DVM of All Pets Hospital in Lockport, IL

Dr. Mark Hughes, DVM of Stolley Park Veterinary Hospital , Grand Island, Nebraska

Dr. Ron Mitchell, DVM of Westport Animal Hospital in Louisville, Kentucky

Dr. John DeVries, DVM of The DeVries Animal Hospital, Elmhurst, Illinois

Dr. Julie Mattson of Terry Animal Hospital, Wilmette, Illinois

Drs. Stapleton and Ford of Barrington Animal Hospital, Barrington, Illinois

Dr. Bohdan Rudawski of Fox Lake Animal Hospital, Fox Lake, Illinois

Dr. Brian Rooney of Burr Ridge Veterinary Clinic, Darien, Illinois

Dr. Kurt E. Klepitsch of Gateway Veterinary Clinic, St. Charles, Illinois

Veterinarians of Care Animal Hospital, Arlington Heights, Illinois

Dr. Kurt Bedow, DVM of Webster Groves Animal Hospital, St. Louis, Missouri

Grooming Services provided FREE by:

Debbie Szwandrok of Eclipse Dog Grooming, Elmhurst, Illinois

Ms. Lori Robinson and Staff, Best in Show Grooming, Lockport, Illinois

Denise Goelitz of Kitten KaPoodle Mobile Pet Grooming, Elgin, Illinois

Ana Ristic of Two Paws Up in Itasca, Illinois

Jeannie's Pet Boutique, Portage, Indiana

Dr. Mark Hughes, DVM of Stolley Park Veterinary Hospital, Grand Island, Nebraska

Support these businesses so they will continue to support the dogs! Click here for more information!