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Support Needed for School Children in Ethiopia Print E-mail

Request from Rev. Tilahun Mendedo, President at Concordia College Alabama:

Tilahun Mendedo Ethiopian School Children The Master Builder Center (MBC), working with the Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus (EECMY), the fastest growing Lutheran Church in the world, needs help to build a school. The school will be self-supporting through tuition and also educate the many children that MBC has taken in who were made orphans because of HIV/AIDS. They will be integrating the orphans into larger family groups through its "Feed His Lambs" program.

MBC seeks to purchase land and build a school which will develop the Christian pastors and leaders of the future to continue to grow God's Kingdom in Ethiopia. Dr. Mendedo writes, "We are so thankful to Lutheran Church Charities to help us shepherd these lambs, this great church, and the nation of Ethiopia. Become a Builder through LCC with us today."

Click here to donate to The Master Builder Center for Ethiopia
Your Donations Delivered to Support Concordia Selma and Orphan Children in Ethiopia Print E-mail
tim LCC President Tim Hetzner met with President Tilahun Mendedo of Concordia Selma, Alabama to present your donations for the college to assist in recovering from the flood damage that occurred during tropical storm Isaac.

Click here to donate to the Concordia Selma Recovery Fund

Tim also presented Dr. Mendedo your donations in support of his orphanage in Ethiopia.

Click here to donate to the Ethiopian Orphanage.
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Christians Attacked by Muslims in Ethiopia - 59 Churches Burned and Thousands Displaced Print E-mail
Tim Hetzner and Rev Abraham Mengesha

New Update: Tim Hetzner, President of LCC and Tim Kurth from LCC and several Northern Illinois District Pastors met with Rev. Abraham Mengesha EECMY-CES, President of the Lutheran Church in Ethiopia. At the meeting Tim gave Rev Mengesha donations that have been received to help the Ethiopian Lutheran Church in their rebuilding and outreach efforts after the recent fires caused by Muslim extremists that have destroyed churches. Their churches (the people) remain intact - and are as committed as ever to continue to Proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to continue to touch people with the Mercy and Compassion of Christ. If you want to support their efforts to fight evil actions and religion with the Gospel - please consider giving them your support. "Thank you Brothers and Sisters" - from Pastor Abraham.

Thousands of Muslim extremists reportedly set fire to 59 churches and at least 28 homes in Jimma (zone), in western Ethiopia in the past week. More than 4,000 Christians in the area have been displaced as a result of the attacks, according to the Jimma Times. Police have arrested 130 people in connection with the church burnings, the newspaper reported.

Through our partners there we have learned the attacks in western Ethiopia resulted in the death of a Mekane Yesus (the Lutheran Church in Ethiopia) member and at least 12 of the church's buildings in the region were damaged or destroyed by fire. The attacks reportedly began after Muslims accused a Christian of desecrating the Quran by tearing up a copy.

While the attacks have subsided, there is much work ahead to restore the Christian ministries affected. 100% of your gift to LCC will go to our ministry partners in Ethiopia as they share the grace and forgiveness of Christ with their attackers and rebuild their churches.

Click here to donate to the Ethiopia Church Fire Fund
Click here to read the original appeal
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Request from Rev Abraham Mengesha, EECMY-CES President of the Lutheran Church in Ethiopia Print E-mail

check for bergLutheran Church in Ethiopia Risks losing their property to meet.

I received the following email: 

Yesterday the Elders of the Dukem Congregation ,which you visited, came to my office and forwarded their challenge from the town administration. Either to build the standard church building or leave the place. Of course they have been doing all their best to raise some fund as much as they can. But still they are not able to meet the expected amount.

The total cost that is needed to build the church building is equivalent to
15,000 USD.  If we get 10,000 USD support from you, we will raise the rest, 5,000 USD from the members. I have attached pictures.  I have attached three pictures. Two of them are the pictures  of the congregation and the last one is just to let you see how we travel to reach to some of our parishes and congregations. If you could please help. Without building a church building on the property, the town administration will take away the property and give to the Muslims.  Thank you Brother. 
Rev. Abraham

check for bergI visited the Elders of this church on my last Visit to Ethiopia.  The need is great and the church is growing.  Without keeping the property, they willhave no place to meet.  Ethiopia is the last predominately Christian country in Africa and Islam is trying to change that.  This is a very strategic location for the Christian Church - Our Lutheran Brothers and Sisters in Ethiopia.  Please keep them in your prayers and consider helping them.

- Tim Hetzner

Click here to donate

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LCMS Pastor starts Orphanage in Ethiopia Print E-mail
Rev. Tilahun Mendedo

Master Builders Center in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Rev. Tilahun Mendedo and his family have started a Lutheran orphanage in Ethiopia where he was born. Pastor Mendedo is currently serving at Faith Lutheran Church (LCMS) in Mobile, Alabama.

To find out how you can help the orphanage grow in helping many of the street children in Ethiopia, please watch the video here

Support for a child for one month is only $25 — which provides food, clothing, and education for the child ($300 for a year).

To support the Master Builders Center orphanage, please click here...
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Lutheran Church in Ethiopia Needs Financial Assistance as They Minister to Families Print E-mail
Request from Pastor Tilahun Mendedo of Faith Lutheran Church in Mobile, Alabama
Pastor Mendedo of Faith Lutheran Church in Mobile, Alabama has recently contacted LCC concerning his heart for the Lutheran church in Ethiopia.  The Ethiopian Evangelical Mekane Yesus Church (EECMY) in Addis Ababa, the country's capital, has been growing at a rate of 5-10% every year for the past 30 years.  Though this evangelistic success story is cause for praise, the church seeks continued support as the social and political climate of Ethiopia continues to spiral downward.  Ethiopian families have been battered by the stresses of severe poverty, a history of political unrest, and a devastatingly high HIV/AIDS rate.  As of yet, the church has not been able to support a ministry specifically targeted to help families endure these hardships.  EECMY's vision is to use counseling and education to meet the needs of their member families, addressing the social issues these families face on a day-to-day basis. Click here to donate to the start-up fund for family ministry in Ethiopia's capital city.
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