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Superstorm Sandy
Chainsaw Team at Work in New Jersey Print E-mail
chainsaw team After deploying May 1st the LCC Chainsaw Team of Ed Boerman, Steve Black and Larry Harmeyer are now back from Lanoka Harbor, NJ safe and sound. The team worked with a home owner who was getting pressure from a difficult neighbor and the city about a tree that came down. The insurance company only gave her $300 to remove the tree. With only $300 there was no way she could afford a commercial tree service. She lives and works at home so she can take care of her Downs Syndrome daughter.

A job well done. Thank you for showing the mercy, compassion, presence and proclamation of Christ to this special family.

Last Updated on Friday, 14 June 2013 14:54
Teams are Needed in New York This Summer Print E-mail
superstorm sandy It has been over six months since Superstorm Sandy devastated many communities along the eastern seaboard. There are still thousands of houses needing to be repaired so that their occupants can return to their homes. Pictured here is Superstorm Sandy survivor Orchida along with LCC staff member Deaconess Tiffany Manor and Deaconess Janine Bolling of St. Peters Lutheran Church in Brooklyn, NY. Orchida shared her experiences during the storm and told about the work that is still needed to be done on her home.

Teams of adults, 18 years on up, are needed to help in the Atlantic district this summer so that others like Orchida can rebuild their lives after suffering through the devastation of Superstorm Sandy. Housing is being provided at Risen Christ Lutheran Church in Brooklyn, NY.

Click here to register your team
Last Updated on Wednesday, 07 August 2013 15:32
Easter Baskets for Superstorm Sandy Survivors Print E-mail

Request from Debbie Houlihan, District Disaster Response Team admin at Good Shepherd, Point Pleasant, New Jersey

Easter Basket It has been nearly four months since Superstorm Sandy came ashore leaving families displaced and heartbroken. In New Jersey alone, 350,000 homes were damaged or destroyed by the strong winds and extensive flooding. Town after town, all along the coast and sometimes for miles inland, streets were piled high with debris as families hauled their lifelong belongings to the curb.

People were sitting on their front steps totally overwhelmed and trying to escape the stench of sewage, gasoline, and dead fish that filled their living rooms. While we certainly have made some progress and are now starting to look towards some long term recovery goals, we are still in the relief mode in our area. Some towns have just recently had their power restored, and the majority of homes are gutted and not yet in a livable condition.

As we begin to wind down the wintry month of February and look to March, our hope is rekindling. There is a sense that the worst is now behind us, and we are cautiously optimistic to begin the 5-7 year recovery process. The members of our Sandy Response Team would like to use this tender time to point our unchurched neighbors to the true source of our hope and joy, our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. We are planning an Easter outreach and would like to distribute baskets on Palm Sunday with an invitation to join us for Worship Services on Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter Sunday. Baskets will contain devotionals, Christian Easter materials, some sweets, and useful gift cards to stores such as Home Depot, Lowe's, Target, Shoprite, and Stop & Shop.

We would like to invite you to join us in support of this outreach opportunity through your prayers, supplies, and donations of gift cards in any denomination.

For donations contact Lutheran Church Charities at (866)455-6466.

Click here for non-monetary donation form Thank you for your kindness towards those who have been devastated by Superstorm Sandy. May our risen Lord be glorified this Easter in the lives and homes of all who receive these baskets.
Last Updated on Wednesday, 06 March 2013 15:48
UPDATE - Superstorm Sandy Recovery Estimated to Take 5-7 Years Print E-mail
Chainsaw Teams aid after Superstorm Sandy An email for a NJ relief worker states "The majority of people affected by Sandy cannot live in their homes right now. Some homes were damaged severely by the hurricane winds, but many more flooded from ocean salt water mixed with sewers and gasoline to a 4-5 ft height inside their home. As you drive by, these homes don't look bad from the outside, but if you go up to the door, you see everything is gutted down to the 2x4's, carpeting is removed, sheet rock is cut to a foot above the flood line, and all the furniture and household goods are gone... from the houses on the ocean to maybe 14-15 houses in... in so many towns along the Jersey coast for miles and miles. People can't live in these homes, so they're staying with friends or family or renting a place if they can afford it, or staying in hotels via FEMA. Some insurance companies haven't even come out yet, and some towns just got their electricity restored. People are waiting to see what their insurance covers, or if they have to raise the height of their whole house, etc. It's complicated, and very expensive. They've lost everything, so they'll eventually need so much to make their homes livable again."

Chainsaw Teams Needed NOW in Lenoka Harbor, New Jersey

Pastor Mark Stillman and Village Lutheran Church are welcoming chainsaw volunteer teams right now for work in the five counties surrounding Lanoka Harbor, New Jersey. They have capacity for about 20 volunteers each week supplying lodging and meals for a suggested donation of $20 per person per night. They are facing a backlog of over 700 requests for tree removal and expect the need to stretch for at least two months. Contact Dianna Bonfield at (866) 455-6466 with questions.

Click here for Superstorm Sandy Volunteer Information Click here to donate
St. John Lutheran Church, Darien, Illinois Sew What Group Sends Quilts to East Coast Hurricane Survivors Print E-mail
Sew What Group sends quilts to Superstorm Sandy Survivors Debbie, a New Jersey resident and hurricane relief volunteer, shares that the quilts are a comfort for the recipients:
"When people understand the time that goes into making them, they are really touched by the kindness of strangers, they somehow feel less alone in their troubles.

A devotional booklet 'God is Our Shelter and Strength' is distributed with each quilt, along with any notes pinned to the quilt by the sewers. This storm has been devastating to so many people. Some will rebuild, but others will have to walk away from their home and start over. Their lives are completely changed, and that is a big loss to endure. Everything is gone... and they have to start building a whole new life now.

We're doing what we can to help them, but they estimate it's a 5-7 year recovery for our area. It's going to take a long time. I thank you for caring. May our Heavenly Father richly bless the work of your hands as you and the other quilters faithfully serve Him through your beautiful ministry to the hurting."

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