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Disaster Response
LCC Chainsaw Crews Work at St. John Northbrook Print E-mail
Northbrook On Saturday, October 25, chainsaw crews from five NID congregations met to hone their skills and help out at St John Lutheran Church in Northbrook, Illinois. Members from Immanuel (Belvidere), Trinity (Lisle), St John (Wheaton), Cross (Yorkville), and Peace (Lombard) logged a total of 54 hours removing a number of trees both near the church and the parsonage saving thousands of dollars.

St John, Northbrook has opened their doors to LCC as a training facility for both the LCC K-9 and Kare-9 Comfort Dog ministries. We thank all who came out to help those who continue to support the ministries both at LCC and in their neighborhood.

Volunteer Crews Needed in Pilger, Nebraska for Construction Blitz Next Week - November 8-9 Print E-mail
Pilger Your help is needed to make urgent repairs on family homes damaged by the tornado before winter arrives.

Each team is mandated to have one licensed contractor on site. The group's size will be determined by the contractor on the site.

Jobs include roofing, siding, window installation, carpet and other flooring, HVAC, carpentry, repairs, plumbing, and electrical work. Teams are required to bring their own tools for the type of work they will be doing.

At online registration, contractors must submit a copy of valid, current contractor's license. All teams will be responsible for their own housing and meals. Once a team registers, your name will be passed on to Becky Peterson, the Disaster Response Coordinator in Pilger, who contact you to work out the details for the work weekend.

Register a team and contractor(s) Each person on the team must fill out a personal registration form Register Here
Last Updated on Wednesday, 29 October 2014 07:24
Moore, Oklahoma - Eighteen Months After the Tornado Print E-mail
Moore A year and a half has passed since Moore, Oklahoma was devastated by a tornado. On Tuesday, October 14, LCC received the following update from Al Cardwell of St. John's Lutheran Church in Moore:
Over 8,000 families were affected by the tornado that devastated Moore, Oklahoma on May 20, 2013, and over 1,600 homes were damaged or destroyed.

On the evening of the 20th, St John's, Moore, held a meeting to see how they could assist the families in Moore in the relief effort. During this meeting St John's members set a plan in motion. However, at that time none of the members at St John's had been through the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod (LCMS) Disaster relief program so the District Disaster Response Coordinator (DDRC) was called and another meeting was held on the morning of the 21st, to establish a structure and a plan of attack to assist the families of Moore.

On the 22nd, the LCMS staff and the LCC K-9 Comfort dogs, along with the DDRC, were in the affected area talking with the families that had lost their homes about the Gospel and gave whatever comfort they could give, which at the time was just spiritual guidance and some monetary gift cards to help them through the onset of the tornado relief.

At this time these families were told that if there was anything we could do for them, St John's was here for them. Little did we know what was ahead in the days and weeks to come and the amount of people that would be involved with this relief effort...continue reading the update

Click here to donate to the LCC Disaster Relief Fund to help us serving those in need
LCC Trains More Lutheran Early Response Teams - Bringing Total to Nearly 1,300 Print E-mail
LERT St. James This past Saturday, October 4, St. James Lutheran Church - Chicago, hosted a Basic Lutheran Early Response Team (LERT) training session.

Twenty-seven volunteers from ten congregations completed the training and were certified and received LERT ID cards.

Congregations that were represented: St. James, Chicago; Prince of Peace, Palatine; St Peter, Gilberts (Dundee); St. Paul, Matteson; Gloria Dei, Chicago; Holy Cross, Portage, Indiana; Edison Park Lutheran Church; Grace Lutheran, River Forest; and Concordia Lutheran, Chicago.

We now have 1256 LERT credentialed volunteers. Thank you for all that you do to be the hands and feet of Christ to those in need.

Donate to LCC Disaster Response
Last Updated on Wednesday, 08 October 2014 07:37
LCC Staff and Volunteers Attend 2014 Lutheran International Disaster Response Conference Print E-mail
Conference This past week, LCC staff members Dianna Bonfield, Joel Moritz, Derek Kowalczyk, and volunteers Ed Boerman and Mike Flaherty attended Standing with Mercy in Times of Disaster, the 2014 Lutheran International Disaster Response Conference at Concordia Seminary in Fort Wayne, Indiana, from September 23-26.

One of the highlights of the conference this year was the opportunity to meet the Presidents and some of the pastors from some of the countries where we responded to disasters in the past years.

Some of the countries represented were: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Haiti, Kenya, Liberia, Lebanon, the Middle East, Mexico, the Philippines and Taiwan. Another highlight was to meet in person some of the people from local disasters in other districts that have only been reached by phone and to get an update from them about what is happening at the present time in those areas.

There were District Presidents, District Disaster Response Coordinators (DDRC) and District Disaster Response Team (DDRT) members from areas LCC has worked in the last few years, including: New England - Sandy Hook and Boston Bombing; New York - Hurricane Sandy; Texas District - plant explosion in West, Texas; Moore, Oklahoma & Oklahoma District office - tornado clean up; Joplin, Missouri - tornado clean up; Arkansas - tornado clean up; Colorado District - fires and floods; Nebraska District - tornado clean up in Pilger, Nebraska; and the South Wisconsin District - tornado clean up.

(Pictured above is DDRC Derek Lecakes of the Atlanta District with LCC staff members Joel Moritz and Dianna Bonfield)

As in all the disasters we respond to, people are the most important thing, listening to them and supporting them in their recovery; so too it was with this conference. There were a lot of papers and reports presented but the contact with people with whom we have worked with and ministered with was the most important part of the conference.

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Last Updated on Wednesday, 15 October 2014 07:51
Update from Napa, California Print E-mail
Napa When one thinks of Napa, California, they often envision a place of the affluent, at least that is what I thought before I came here. It is a place that the affluent come to visit or have second homes but that does not describe the majority of the population here.

Since arriving Thursday evening, we have taken the LCC K-9 Comfort Dogs to hundreds of people and prayed with most about Jesus being a firm foundation when other foundations can be shaken or rattled.

We were with the Children at St. John’s Lutheran School where many children and parents are not able to sleep soundly for fear of another earthquake and being trapped in their room.

Upon visiting the Concordia Nursing home in Napa – where residents lost things from the shaking – we found that many were also fearful of being trapped in their rooms like several were after the earthquake hit.


On Friday evening we offered an open time at the church for members of the congregation and community. During this time people could come in a spend time with the Comfort Dogs and hear about the mercy and compassion of Christ Jesus.

A news station from San Francisco came out to do a story on the Comfort dogs that aired Friday evening on the news and also on the Saturday morning 8 a.m. news announcing we will be at St Johns Sunday morning.

On Saturday we started by spending time with members and community people at Mission Gardens at St. John Lutheran Trailer court where most of the people are elderly and retired.

Three trailers were completely destroyed by fires caused by the earthquake and over half of the others were rocked off of their foundations. Everyone told stories on how they struggled to try and make it out of their homes in the aftermath.


Most residents live on a fixed income with no insurance. Besides being there with the Comfort Dogs we handed out financial assistance to those in need.

While we have been here we have done personal family visits from requests sent to us.

We visited the Red Cross Shelter that has been set up for those in need of living assistance. The number of those staying at the shelter has increased each day as people’s homes have been condemned. Many of these families include children.

We spent time with families at the shelter who were scared and cannot sleep.

Later we went to the Veterans Home where we spent the late afternoon and evening with veterans suffering from memory loss and PTSD.

Both days – so many tears and stories – but what was rewarding was to see their scared faces turn to smiles when they spent time with the Comfort Dogs and we could pray with them. All were thankful that we came out to them to listen and be that presence of Jesus in this time of hurt and fear.

Thank you for all of your support, your prayers, and Compassion for those who suffer – wherever they live!

See Damage of Napa View Pictures from Napa Donate to the K-9 Napa Travel Fund
Last Updated on Thursday, 25 September 2014 08:12
Thank You from Palatine to LERT Teams Print E-mail
Palatine Thank you Last weekend Palatine, Illinois, was hit with a microburst. The sustained winds caused many fallen branches and uprooted trees. Electricity was lost by many residents for several days after the storm.

In response to the storms, LCC deployed several LERT teams to help with those who were facing a large amount of clean-up due to the storm. On Wednesday, September 10, LCC received a couple "Thank You" notes from some homeowners who were affected and very appreciative of the work done over the weekend.


Like many in Palatine, IL last weekend [9/5-9/6], we had some trees down at our house and a lot of work in front of us on Saturday. Then, a team from LCC showed up and got the most difficult tree cut up within an hour. I didn't catch all the volunteers' names (I remember Ken), but their help was much appreciated and it was a great outreach for our neighborhood.

Thank you very, very, much.
Chuck and Tina
Palatine, IL
Read a thank you note from another homeowner Support the LERT Teams and their Disaster Recovery work
Learn more about LERT
Last Updated on Wednesday, 17 September 2014 08:50
Update From Arkansas Tornado Print E-mail
Arkansas Update In April 2014, Central Arkansas was devastated by an EF4 tornado. There was damage as far as the eyes could see and little hope for the residents of the towns struck.

LCC deployed LERT teams to the area to help those who were hurting from the devastation of the storm.

One of those volunteers was Larry Zagorski, a LERT volunteer and chainsaw operator from Lord of Glory in La Fox. He led a chainsaw crew and removed trees from several properties. In June, Larry received a letter from one of those his team helped and recently shared it with LCC.

Read Letter Sent to Larry Zagorski
LERT Team of Calvary, Elgin Help Family Remove Limbs After Microburst Print E-mail

Sharon Fajardo, co-captain of the Elgin LERT team and member of Calvary, Elgin sent this update of the team's response to the recent Elgin storms:

The Elgin LERT Team responded to the requests from two members of Good Shepherd for help to clean up after the micro-bust downed trees in their yards. After further evaluation, one family decided to go with a licensed contractor. The other, however, greatly appreciated our help in removing several broken limbs that were hanging precariously over their roof. The Team got what they could; unfortunately, due to lack of equipment necessary to reach the higher branches there were a few higher branches left hanging.

Dave Vollrath, a chainsaw operator of the Elgin team and member of Good Shepherd, reported that he and members of the congregation worked at Good Shepherd cutting up a number of trees that came down at the church.

Support the LERT Teams and their Disaster Recovery work Click here to learn more LERT
Last Updated on Wednesday, 17 September 2014 08:21
LERT Teams Assist Storm-Damaged Elgin, Illinois Print E-mail
ElginThough not as extensive of damage in other areas, this LERT team, led by LCC staff member Roger Pollock, Pastor Mark Bestul of Calvary, and Pastor Steven Maske of Good Shepherd, quickly aided those in need of relief. Thank you to all the LERT members and pastors who quickly went to spread Christ compassion and mercy after such a storm.

Click here to donate and help support the Disaster Response work of Lutheran Church Charities
Last Updated on Monday, 15 September 2014 20:12
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