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LCC Kare-9 Handler and Veteran Brad Schroeder Honored at Kane County Cougars Game Print E-mail
baseball On Tuesday, August 25th, LCC received the following email from Kare-9 Susie handler and veteran Brad Schroeder:
Last Saturday night, Susie and I were invited by Craig Steichen, director and co-founder of "Operation Warrior Wishes", to attend a Kane County Cougar baseball game. At various games, the Cougars and Operation Warrior Wishes honor veterans at the baseball game. Before the game, Susie and I got to throw-out the 1st pitch, along with a number of youngsters….

The incredible part was in the 5th inning. Susie and I were brought on the field by 1st base. The announcer welcomed Susie and I, as a Vietnam veteran awarded the Bronze Star and two Purple Hearts. It was amazing as the 10,000 plus fans stood and gave Susie and I a standing-ovation for 2-3 minutes…I was so humbled, thankful and honored to receive such a welcome. I was and am truly blessed. I wish that each veteran could have this experience, one I will remember forever.

As we went back to our seats, so many adults and children came to pet Susie and thank me for my service. Susie and I walked in various aisles, so that children and adults could pet Susie. It was an incredible night to remember…

God's blessings to all,
Brad and Susie

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From the Desk of Susie Comfort Dog (St. Peter Lutheran Church-Arlington Heights, Illinois)! Print E-mail
Susie Comfort Dog
It has been a nice couple of weeks to meet people, get some petting and make people smile. Here are some places we have been:

8/24...St. Peter- AH...School is back in session!!!!!!!! (LCC K-9 Comfort Dog) Hannah, (LCC K-9 Comfort Dog-in-Training) Jacob, JoJo (Living Christ Lutheran Church - Arlington Heights, Illinois) and I met the children as they came in the morning. We were happy to see all of them and they were happy to see us!!!! We walked around a little bit and then Brad and I read to Mrs. Ryg's Kindergarten class. We did this last year and it was great to start again this year!!!!!!

8/25...St. Peter-AH...Hannah, JoJo and I met the Pre-school children as they came to school...t sure was nice to see them back to School!!!!!!

8/27...Deerpath Senior Care- Huntley...My comfort dog friend Adeena (St. John Lutheran Church Burlington, Illinois) and I met with lots of nice people at the Home...I wore my camouflage Military vest, as some of the residents are veterans...everyone enjoyed the visit, lots of pets and we promised to come back many Thursdays.

8/28....Norwood Crossing Rehab Center...(LCC K-9 Comfort Dog-in-Training) Leah, Priscilla, and JoJo (Living Christ Lutheran Church - Arlington Heights, Illinois) and I went to all 4 floors and visited the nice people...they petted us and we had fun being there. Priscilla is really good at 4 months old.

8/30.... Clearbrook-AH... JoJo and I were with Pastor Paul and people from Living Christ and St. Peter to have Day of Service. We sang songs, listened to Pastor Paul's message and then helped the residents do a neat craft with a picture of a sheep, glue, cotton balls and crayons. Everyone seemed to have fun.

8/30... I met my comfort dog friends Tara and Tillie (LCC) to greet people on behalf of Immanuel Palatine Church at the Palatine Streetday...we saw so many people, gave out cards, got petted and explained what our ministry does. When we were leaving, we stopped with lots of people who wanted to meet us. One nice lady was looking at us, so we went over to see her and her friend...she hugged me and cried, as she lost her Golden just a couple months ago...we talked for a while and she smiled and we went home...It is nice when we meet people and through God's love, make their day a little better.

8/31...St. Peter-AH...We met the children as they arrived at School.... I got to wear my red tiara, as it is my birthday today...3 years old!!!!!!!! Aunt Julie took some nice pictures and lots of kids and adults wished me a Happy Birthday!!!!!! Brad and I will take some nice walks today.

I hope that you have a happy and blessed day.


Please donate to the LCC K-9 Comfort Dogs by CLICKING HERE

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St. John Lutheran Church in Lombard, IL Invites LCC K-9 Comfort Dogs to Block Party! Print E-mail
Block Party A perfect sunny Sunday afternoon was host to a block party at St. John Lutheran Church in Lombard, IL. Comfort Dog Angel (St. John's Lutheran Church - La Grange, IL), LCC K-9 Comfort Dog Tara Sunday, and Gideon Comfort Dog-in-Training happily met many people of all ages. Pastor Dan Wegrzyn welcomed those attending as they arrived to enjoy food, games and information about St John's ministry.

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LCC K-9 Comfort Dogs and Handlers Invited to Listen to Michigan State Legislator Print E-mail
Three Rivers On Wednesday, August 26th, Comfort Dogs Anna (Trinity Lutheran Church- Toledo, OH), Barnabas (Holy Cross Lutheran Church- Portage, IN) and LCC K-9 Comfort Dog-in-Training Reuben traveled to Three Rivers, Michigan with their handlers to listen to State Legislator Aaron Miller speak about the Michigan Legislative Prayer Caucus. Did you know the National Prayer Caucus was started by Benjamin Franklin?

LCC received the following email from Pastor Robert Bartz (St. Peter Lutheran Church – Three Rivers, Michigan) regarding the response of the community to the Comfort Dogs:

The event went very well. Every contact we have had with Comfort Dogs and Handlers has been positive and well received by those in attendance at the events.

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LCC K-9 Comfort Dogs Attend Chapel Visit at Trinity Lutheran Church in Roselle, IL Print E-mail
Trinity Roselle On Wednesday August 26, Trinity Lutheran Church and School in Roselle, IL invited the LCC K-9 Comfort Dogs and their handlers to do a chapel visit. Rev Roger Pollock gave the chapel message based on Matthew 5:16 “Let your light shine before men…”. In attendance were Comfort Dogs Angel (St. John's Lutheran Church- La Grange, IL), Asher (North Shore Lutheran Ministry - Lake Forest, IL), Kye (Immanuel Lutheran Church and School- Belvidere, IL), Zippy (Trinity Lutheran Church and School, Roselle, IL), and LCC K-9 Comfort Dog-in-Training Naomi.

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Last Updated on Tuesday, 01 September 2015 12:54
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