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Amazing Things Happen at Kare-9 Dog Training Print E-mail
Trinity Lutheran Church After passing of the leash at Trinity Lutheran Church in Prescott, Arizona, Luther, the dual-vested dog (he has both an LCC K9-Comfort Dog vest and a Kare-9 vest so he can work with veterans) needed to learn how to work with his new team. LCC staff dogs Titus, Moses and Ruthie joined the Trinity team at Las Fuentes Care Center to visit some of the residents. According to Rich Martin who was the lead for the LCC team:

“Amazing training visit with Trinity Prescott handlers …this team gets it. Our military veterans met and prayed with veterans from the Normandy invasion, Pearl Harbor, and the Korean War, Ministry helpers shared compassion and prayer with so many.”

For those who wonder, why do we use dogs? It is the appeal of dogs that allow our church teams to reach out to their community and share the Mercy, Compassion, Presence and Proclamation of Christ with all.

Help support our Kare-9 Military Ministry to veterans DONATE HERE

Last Updated on Tuesday, 24 February 2015 14:57
Tim Hetzner Speaks at Hope Lutheran’s “Seniors’” Luncheon Print E-mail
Hope Lutheran The seniors’ group at Hope Lutheran Church in Countryside, Illinois last Wednesday, Feb. 19, heard LCC President Tim Hetzner give a presentation at their seniors’ luncheon. He was accompanied by LCC K-9 Comfort Dogs Tillie, Darlin, Martin and LCC Kare-9 Military Ministry Teams Brutus (with Veteran Gene), Brandy (Veteran Marvin), Flex (Veteran Fred) and Blitz (Veteran Bob). LCC is grateful for the opportunity to have our president share with the seniors the history of the LCC K-9 Comfort Dog ministry, and thank them for the prayerful and financial support they provide.
Last Updated on Tuesday, 24 February 2015 13:28
Pleasantview Fire Station Receives Visiting LCC K-9 Dogs Print E-mail
Pleasentview LCC K-9 and Kare-9 dogs work with a lot of First Responders in emergency and crisis situations. On Wednesday, Feb. 18, LCC Kare-9 Teams Brutus, Flex, Blitz, Brandy and LCC K-9 Comfort Dog Martin took time to be with the firefighters at Pleasantview Fire Protection District Station 1 in a non-crisis situation. Dogs and handlers enjoyed a fun, casual time to speak with this group of First Responders thanking them for all they do in safeguarding the area. We appreciated the time spent with them and wish them and those they protect, as well as all First Responders, a safe year.

LCC never charges those we serve but rely on your generous donations. Help support the LCC K-9 Comfort Dog Travel Fund Donate Here

Last Updated on Tuesday, 24 February 2015 12:31
Lila the K-9 Comfort Dog Helps “Open” the Memory of a Patient Print E-mail
Lila, an LCC K-9 Comfort Dog at Beautiful Savior (Mequon, WI)
Highlands Health Center in East Mequon, Wisconsin has a special Memory Care unit. Last week, Lila, an LCC K-9 Comfort Dog at Beautiful Savior (Mequon, WI) and her handler, Joyce, visited with several residents there, then headed toward a back corner where a lady sat motionless in a wheelchair. A gentleman visitor was with her. “Mary”* was slumped over in her chair, eyes closed, head downturned. The gentleman said that she really was conscious, but just didn’t care to respond. He also said that dogs had always been an important part of her life, but for many months now, Mary had retreated into “another world.”

Lila rested her chin on Mary’s knee, the gentleman took Mary’s seemingly lifeless hand in his and slowly stroked Lila’s neck. Before too long, her hand started to tremble a little, and then she began to blink her eyes. When she looked down and saw Lila staring up at her, she struggled slightly to sit in a more upright position. They visited for quite some time, silently connecting.

After meeting and greeting everyone in the room, our team turned to leave, but then noticed that Mary’s visitor was wheeling her over toward Lila for “just a few more minutes.” Mary, now with her eyes wide open, had been begun softly speaking, most words we couldn’t understand except one…“dog”. Then Mary began to pet Lila on her own, all the while softly whispering. Staff members in the Memory Care unit were called over to see what was happening. To paraphrase Joyce, “was there any doubt that someone is guiding this ministry…using K-9 talents to His glory?”

*Not her real name

LCC never charges those we serve but rely on your generous donations. Help support the LCC K-9 Comfort Dog Travel Fund Donate Here

Last Updated on Tuesday, 24 February 2015 17:33
Passing of the Leash in Prescott Valley, Arizona Print E-mail
Passing of the Leash A little more than a year and a half after the death of 19 Hotshots firefighters in the Yarnell Valley near Prescott Valley, Arizona the LCC K-9 Comfort Dogs returned this time to bring one of their own, Titus Comfort Dog, to be permanently placed at Trinity Lutheran Church in Prescott Valley.

Arizona becomes the 16th state in which an LCC K-9 Comfort Dog is placed and the first "Dual Vested" congregation where 3 military veterans will be doing outreach ministry with Titus and his Kare-9 Military vest. Titus was introduced by Pastor Tim Blau at Trinity's morning services and the leash was passed by LCC K-9 members Dona & Rich Martin and Alex Brooks who welcomed Trinity's new K-9 Ministry Team members. Titus was also LCC’s first placement in Arizona.

The passing of the leash is just one part of the placement of an LCC K-9 Comfort or Kare-9 dog with a congregation. For three days after the passing of the leash, handlers and caregivers of Titus will be trained on how to work and care for Titus. Handlers will also be trained in how to use Titus to share the Mercy, Compassion, Presence and Proclamation of Christ with others.

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Last Updated on Tuesday, 24 February 2015 17:09
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