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Salty Dog Print E-mail
Practicing Socialization LCC K-9 Comfort Dog in Training class practiced socialization, which means exposing the dogs to people, places, situations, sounds, surfaces and things. The apprentice trainers brought in all kinds of props to expose the dogs to such as rolling suitcases, backpacks, long puffy winter coats, cowboy hats, umbrellas, stuffed pythons, and much more. One of the apprentice trainers even brought in a rain slicker and wide brimmed hat, which is not something dogs normally see. The appearance and the sound of the slicker when a person moves is quite different and unexpected for the dogs.

The dogs and the apprentice trainers worked through the challenge of encountering something new in a positive and progressive way. The goal is that the next time the LCC Comfort Dogs in training are exposed to these experiences or something similar, the dogs will be less sensitive and more confident.

The dogs even practiced the commands “front”, “sit”, and “stay” as they circled around the trainer who looked suspiciously like the Morton Salt Girl.

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Veterans Honored Print E-mail
St Matthew Lutheran Church St Matthew Lutheran Church Hawthorn Woods
The Kare 9 teams participated in a service to honor military veterans in the St. Matthew congregation.

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LCC Staff Attend ALMA Conference Print E-mail
ALMA Conference LCC staff members Dianna Bonfield and Jeanine Weintz attended the annual ALMA (Association of Lutheran Mission Agencies) Conference in St. Louis on January, 28-29, 2016. ALMA is dedicated “To connecting and equipping Lutheran for God’s Mission”. The Keynote speaker, The Rev. Gregory P. Seltz from the Lutheran Hour, presented a message entitled “Christian Confidence when Worldviews Collide”.
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K-9s Celebrating National Lutheran Schools Week Print E-mail
National Lutheran School Week LCC K-9s shared love and comfort as they participated in NLSW across the Synod. Here are some of our K-9s doing what they do best!

Dora Comfort Dog (Lutheran High School Association of Greater Milwaukee)
Dora spent time reading and visiting students at Our Redeemer Lutheran School

Zippy Comfort Dog (Trinity Lutheran Church, Roselle, Illinois)
Zippy enjoyed meeting with a couple of great friends in Mrs. Gross’ Kindergarten Class

National Lutheran School Week Pax Comfort Dog (St Paul Lutheran, Fort Worth, Texas)
Pax had a great visit with the father of a former St. Paul Lutheran student a hospital in Southwest Fort Worth.

Tara and Zina (LCC)
Sasha (In Training)
Visited: Good Shepherd Pre-School, Elgin

National Lutheran School Week Tara (LCC) Eve (St. John’s Lutheran Lombard, IL)
Isaiah (Holy Cross, Portage, IN)
Visited: Immanuel Lutheran School, Elmhurst, IL

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A Golden Opportunity Print E-mail
A Golden Opportunity As the LCC K-9 ministries continue to grow, so do the many mission-minded individuals receiving dog handler training and instruction. On January 30 & 31, a new training class of 19 spent concentrated hours learning proper dog handling, directional commands, and clearly defining our missions focus. Training included in-depth class instruction as well as handlers and their dogs passing the Canine Good Citizen Certification necessary to qualify as an approved LCC K-9 handler. Our K-9 staff works diligently to ensure all handlers are completely versed in the tenets of the program.

Training included a trip to a local nursing home. The sea of 15 golden retrievers, accompanied by the smiling faces of the handlers, were a welcome sight to Alden Estates employees, residents and visitors. The sheer delight people derived from the visiting dogs is inexpressible. Wheelchair-bound people stroked and hugged dogs as the canines lay gently across their laps. Residents shared heartwarming stories; from reminiscing about the pets they once loved, to memories from a 92-year-old veteran as he recalled his time served in WWII. Prayers were offered, tears were shared, and ministry happened all because a Comfort Dog opened a path to a heart.

LCC has a golden opportunity (pun most certainly intended) to minister to hearts where love and compassion can reach into the lonely and darkened places, shining the light of Christ.

LCMS Ministry Participants
Atonement Lutheran Church, Columbus, Ohio
Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church, Mequon Wisconsin
Concordia University Wisconsin, Mequon, Wisconsin
Holy Cross Lutheran Church, Collinsville, Illinois
Immanuel Lutheran Church, Danbury, Connecticut
Lord of Glory Lutheran Church, Grayslake, Illinois
Lord of Life Lutheran Church, LaFox, Illinois
Lutheran High School Association of Greater Milwaukee, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
North Shore Ministry, Lake Forest, Illinois
Timothy Lutheran Church, St. Louis, Missouri
Trinity Lutheran Church, Fremont, Nebraska
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